PMS Time, Attn: All Woman

  1. Question PMS Time, Attn: All Woman

    O.K, All yo woman on the boards, I need your hel p on this one, o.k.

    It is PMS time, I felt the change in appetite as of today, due next fri.

    Right now I am trying to follow the CKD and am on a cutting phase(thermogenics) w/ combo of my w/out etc,etc.

    Any suggestions on what to eat while on this diet that woul dcurb the extra munchy.snicky snack attack even though I am eating clean.

    You know us woman tend to lean towards the sugar crbs, etc, etc.

    Any ideas would help. I am giving up the Rice cakes due to high carb grams and the Peanut Butter, gets to be too many caloreis andI just cant stop @ 2 tbls and of course w/ out the rice cakes that add the crunch value, there is no sense in eating this!

    Any suggestions are all welcome!! You people are great!!
    Thanks a heap! Fonldy Emmy aka gymcandy397!!

  2. It's a stretch, but Lyle McDonald sugggests Bromocriptine. Also, ephedrine really curbs appetite. As far as what to eat, more fiber may fill you up, broccoli and cheese for example.

  3. yes do the fiberous vegies should help with it.. I would read some more about Bromo before you decide to do it. It can have some interesting sides

  4. Originally posted by Matthew D
    I would read some more about Bromo before you decide to do it. It can have some interesting sides
    Which is why I didn't outrightly recommend it.

  5. I saw that Scotty I was just revisiting the point you made. I totally agree with what you said and you said it well.

  6. Thank's Scotty2, MatthewD, Funny, I got Men's responses, interesting, I guess not enough woman on this board, etc.

    It is so nie for Men to be in touch with what a woman goes through for that time of the month. Practice makes perfect from haveing girlfriends & wives.

    I will take into consideraton about the fiberous food, but, boy, whne u are are looking for a little something sweet, ie, sucking candy, etrc it gets hard. I pretty much have about 4 meals @ work, alst meal is about 3-3:30pm, lve work @ 5pm & hit the gym.

    Just ahd a carb load, I messed up @ work,so what the hey, had choclaote, bagel, butter, crm cheese. As of today, until Sunday, MY real chosen day to eat what I want, I will eat as clean as I can!

    Dont want to take anymore stuff, I am already taking a cutting phase of supplments.

    Thanks again, Gentlemen!! Emmy aka Gymcandy397!!

  7. Just thought of something fiberous that is kinda sweet, the apple.

  8. I'm on a low carb diet and to keep my resolve at that time I make a low fat/low carb fridge cheesecake using low fat cream cheese thats blended with cottage cheese and sugar free flavoured jelly crystals. A slice of that really hits the spot.


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