Preventing the body from lowering BMR during cutting

  1. Preventing the body from lowering BMR during cutting

    Can someone point to a study that tells how long it takes the body to lower BMR on a hypocaloric diet?

    My interest lies in "tricking" the body with occasional refeedings. I feel like I need a refeed after about 5 days of cutting. Would be interested in seeing some data on how long it takes the body to adapt to the low cal diet. I have seen studies on BMR being lowered after extreme diets of 400 cal a day or so;however I am more interested in data that might pertain to a 1200 cal or so diet.


  2. I can't give you exactly what you're looking for, however if you go to Avant and do a search for 'vinegar' you'll find that it is very useful when cutting. Mimics fed state, increases leptin expression, etc.

  3. refeeds, EC stack, not cutting for excessive periods of time. Maybe some 7-OH

  4. If you read Lyle MacDonald's UD 2.0 you'll find some good info on refeeds. I think it is after 4-5 days that leptin levels plummet if in a severely hypocaloric state (I would consider 1200 extreme). That is why Lyle has a refeed at the 4.5 mark. But you can do just as well by not going so extreme. If you look for my review of Bobo's cutting plan you'll see a comparison of UD2 vs. Bobo. Bobo kicked UD2's ass, but when you get down to low bf% (say <9) UD2 can be a good way to trick the body.

  5. Do everything possible to stimulate TSH. Synthetic Guggul ect...



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