Melting Point dosage

  1. Melting Point dosage

    Ok guys ive been on melting point for exactly 1 week today. Ive gotten so much leaner its unbeleivable, right now im using 8 caps per day, only real prob is lethargy is killing me but its only at certain times. Headaches here n there but not to bad and some cramps but not terrible. Gym isnt affected as of yet cept for the headaches. Im really pleased with this product but i do have a question. What would happen if you mega dosed this product? Say like what one would do with activate? Im takin 8 now what if i upped it to 12? Not sayin i want to as im very pleased with the results im getting im just curious is all. What about 14 caps or 16 caps? Just curious is all. Keep makin great supps DS im truely enjoying them!

  2. I think that if you megadosed those sides you speak of would perhaps become unbearable. If its working so well right now, why fix it if it ain't broke?

  3. I wasnt gonna up the dose or anything im perfectly content where im at. Im just asking if there was any benefit to it, like maybe if you got down to that last digit or 2 and had a hard time losing it and mega dosed it for a week maybe itd drop that 1 or 2 %. I was just curious is all and wondered what DS had to say about this.

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