What would you reccomend for me?

  1. What would you reccomend for me?

    EC, San tight, or Man Scorch?

  2. Aside from Cardio and Diet right????

  3. Besides diet and excercise-I would go with EC, it's cheap and effective.

  4. yeah i have my cardio and diet checked, trying to maximize my fat loss as much as I can. I guess ill stick with the EC i have.

  5. Why no yohimbine or aspirin on top of the EC? That's what I'd do. Oh, and I've more than doubled my ECA results by adding choline, inositol and dl-methionine to it. Green tea.... These are all quite inexpensive AND effective.

  6. Green Tea...defintiley want to add that. Get the powder, and take A LOT, double the reccomended dosage...


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