Is using whey keeping me fat?

  1. Is using whey keeping me fat?

    Ok, here is the scenerio. Basically same 6/1/05 I have followed the same basic diet on week days.
    7:00 AM: 1-2 cups of an rolled oats/rolled barley/cracked wheat/ground flax seed mix I make
    10:30 AM: 60g whey in water (swiched to milk yesterday)
    1:30 PM: same as 10:30 AM
    6-7PM: evening meal. typically grilled chicken & stir fry veggies, lean beef and green veggies, ect.
    10pm: sometimes another 30g whey in milk or maybe 12oz low fat cottage cheese

    I have not lost much or any body fat for the month of August. I need some suggestions to kick start things. Help! BTW, I'm 6'2, 250lbs. Lift 3-4 days a week (have dropped lifting the last few weeks to up my cardio). I've never had any trouble putting on muscle. Trouble is the fat goes on easily too. Currently doing HIIT treadmill work. 9.5mph/5.0mph on 0.25 mile intervals for a total of 4.0 miles in 40 min. I do this 3-4 times a week currently.

  2. you are not taking in ANYWHERE near enough food .. your body's gone into starvation mode

  3. Exactly! All you can expect to lose on that diet is your hard earned muscle. From what I can see you're not taking in ANY protien for breakfast!! And no where near the carbs you need.

    As a general guideline, you should be putting down at least 3000 - 3200 cals a day right now. EACH meal should contain a lean protien, complex carb, and fibrous vegetable. You can taper the carbs/cals throughout the day if you'd like, but I dont think thats too necessary unless your a solid Endo or your starting to dip below 10% BF.

    20-30 minutes cardio 3-5 days a week in addition to your weight training and that fat will come right off. AND you'll have the added benefit of losing next to nothing in terms of LBM.


  4. whoa hello starvation diet

  5. Yup, starving.. I'm not even 200lbs, and I'd shrink and disintegrate on that diet.. You could get away with adding fish/olive oils around 10g per meal, 300g protein, 200g complex carbs, 20g fiber..

  6. Not only are you starvin', but you should keep the whey intake down to PWO shake only, or supplemental protien if you're bulking. Whole foods are better


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