Step By Step Keto Diet Plan!

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  1. Is this diet safe for type 1 (I don't produce any insulin.) diabetics?

  2. It can be done by diabetics but you have to be really on top of your blood testing and insulin amounts. You will not need to inject nearly the same amount as before. I would probably go for a 40-30-30 if you are diabetic, but I would love to see someone do this and post their results.

  3. Another question: What's "refeeds" ?

  4. Periodically while using keto diets, we incorporate refeeds or cheat days to flip flop the diet and promote further fat loss. Essentially you eat carbohydrates that day, limit your fat intake, and consume the same amount of protein...

  5. Originally posted by Blindfaith
    Now as you go deeper into the diet, and find the need to restrict calories more, you must cut fat calories, not protein
    When does this start? Is this outlined in the book?

  6. Originally posted by Blindfaith
    Eat fat and protein all day everyday except on workout days because after workouts, you will need to consume strictly just protein—no fat or carbs.
    Is this all day after the workout, or just immediately after the workout that you can't have any fat or carbs?

  7. I personally like to take my refeed after my Friday workout. I have my post workout shake and then start with the carb meal friday evening. I run this until Saturday evening. Then go back to strict keto Sunday morning. That is just me though. Everyone has their own method that works for them.

  8. One more comment/question: I thought it was generally accepted that you should rest ~a week before doing the same exercises again?

    How's your results so far, WYD02?

  9. Great post, answered a lot of Ketoage questions.

    Anti-Carbing isnt so bad.

  10. i have a few questions.. i am still lost as to what i can eat.. seems like only meat and thats it.. also can you drink milk?

  11. milk should be avoided, relatively high carbs in the form of lactose... seems like only meat? I just recently posted a food list in this very thread, double check and see what you think

  12. yeah all it is, is meat, eggs, cheese, and oil.. a few veggies bu tnothing that would fill you up.. i dont understand how you could get your calories up on this or hell fill yourself up..

    also you say dont eat bacon, then towards the bottom you say you can eat it..

  13. I'm keto'ing right now and don't find it that hard to fill myself up. I use alot of salads and asparagus, low in carbs and high in fiber, and it's quite filling.

  14. Originally posted by LakeMountD
    yeah all it is, is meat, eggs, cheese, and oil.. a few veggies bu tnothing that would fill you up.. i dont understand how you could get your calories up on this or hell fill yourself up..

    also you say dont eat bacon, then towards the bottom you say you can eat it..
    "Processed meats, such as ham, bacon, pepperoni, salami, hot dogs and other luncheon meats may have added sugar and will contribute carbs. Try to avoid meat and fish products cured with nitrates"

    Simple, depending on the brand and kind, some meats do contain carbs in accordance with how they are cured...oscar meyer hot dogs do have relatively high carbs for example. avoid those kinds of meats obviously, but simply be aware of what you're buying and you'll be fine, there are many many possibilities... not that complicated is it? also, eat as many veggies as you should, and they WILL fill you up believe me... the fat is also so calorically dense that less food volume will 'fill you up' more

  15. yeah but all the decent veggies (common ones) are out.. i live in college and have meal plans and there is a buffet but they have stuff like tomatoes, onions and stuff

  16. hear ya, I live in college too... don't subscribe to the meal plans and **** though, so can't help you there... but a day's worth of spinach and **** is like a dollar fifty, so it ain't bad... but hey no one is making you do the diet

  17. yeah i hear ya... be a fun diet to do but seems expensive.. can someone give me a rough estimate of what they spend per week and what they get?

  18. I shop at aldi and usually spend 40-50 bucks for two weeks worth of food. I stock up on chicken, ground beef, cheese, broccoli, eggs, milk, peanut butter, etc... They are cheap if you can find one in your area. Its not top of line quality food, but in this game, we are about saving money

  19. it aint expensive... all you're buying is meat, cheese, oil and veg

  20. whose your daddy.. thought they said milk has carbs in form of lactose? someone just toldme that

  21. Originally posted by LakeMountD
    whose your daddy.. thought they said milk has carbs in form of lactose? someone just toldme that
    Yes but lactose is low on th GI list. Plus you can still use this pre or post workout. Remember these diets are not no-carb diets. They just use carbs at the proper times.
    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  22. oh i c.. thanks for clearing that up... yo bobo im still kind of confused though on what to eat when.. and hell besides eggs what can i eat for breakfast?

    or better yet can you give me your typical days worth of food? like what you would eat? thanx

  23. Breakfast? hell, for the eggs - try adding cheese or ham to them. Sausage and bacon is another popular option. Or you could try some of the atkins blueberry muffins or pancakes...not bad..

  24. Two suggestions

    For the guys asking about breakfast foods, here is a short list but good.
    If you live in a dorm they can be made fairly easy if you get an electric skillet.

    Omlets: eggs, cheese, sausage, thrown in some oinions and peppers, great low carb meal.
    Sausage patties and bacon are great.
    Poached eggs, scrambled eggs.

    Another life saver for me was cottage cheese (check labels some have carbs) and sugar free jam. Wal-mart had a sugar free jam that only had a few grams of carbs per table spoon. Half a table spoon and cottage cheese was pretty good.

    Other staple foods that are cheap are wal-mart hamburger patties. Throw them on the Foreman grill with cheese! Bacon and what not also. Fish is good, chicken breasts it is easy to do cheap on a college budget (did it last year and will this year again )

    Also if your looking at R-ALA to do the TKD search of the version that uses slin. Hehehe I know I talk alot bout slin, but I love the stuff it is so usefull if you respect it's danger. Makes it possible to gain a lil' muscle while cutting hard. Probably work really good with some 1-test thrown in. Besure to use 4-ad or eca because the lethargy from 1-test plust keto lethargy could be killer for motivation to study.

  25. I've seen articles to get into keto, but I haven't really seen articles on getting off keto.

    I know you want to reintroduce carbs slowly, right? Well would 50 carbs a day be good? Or what would you guys recommend?


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