Can my protein mixture degrade while in water?

  1. Can my protein mixture degrade while in water?

    on my workout days i put in whey and dextrose/malto for my pre and postworkout shakes. when i get to the gym i add water and drink half of it. then i drink the other half after my workout which takes about 1 hour. does the protein and dextrose/malto degrade during this period?

  2. Define "degrade".

  3. like would the protein and dextrose/malto lose its effects or like fade away, sorry can't describe it

  4. k here : would it be ok to leave protein and dextrose/malto in water for a period of time like an hour

  5. Yes its fine.

  6. or, you know, you could take your other post workout serving in a baggy and add it later so you don't have to deal with warm ass whey butt-liquid sittin around while you lift, just a thought...

  7. hmmm good idea, or ill put it in a small plastic tupperware thingie


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