trigger foods

  1. trigger foods

    this was reprinted in the latest muscle and fitness, and they repritned it from an article in the San Franscisco Chronicle.

    "A San Fransisco woman allegedly attacked a mall cookie stand clerk because the cookie she wanted was unavailable. According to police, the woman "exchanged words" with the clerk, then hit her in the face with a 2 pound box of tissue wrappers, breaking the workers glasses. Next, she went around the counter and punched the clerk, causing no injuries. The woman spent a night in jail. No word on what sort of cookie she asked for. We're guessing it probably wasnt ladyfingers."

    wonder what kinda of lawsuit this will generate?

  2. funny that you found that in Hustle and Dickless... er em... Muscle and Fitness ... this rather hilarious point illustrates a growing concern for us all... Obesity Rage... anyone, anytime, could be a victim... fatties have even been known to turn on themselves in times of extreme duress, so watch the **** out!!!

  3. gives a whole new meaning to the term cookie monster...heh

  4. Originally posted by Biggin
    Obesity Rage

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