doing CKD

  1. doing CKD

    gunna try it for like 3 months to see if I can get under 10%, because I heard it cannot be done. This will be conjuction with my leaning out thread. I am doing this because I am trying to get extra credit for my sports nutrition class. Since low carb has seen its attractors and detractors.

  2. Make sure to keep you cal. high or higher in the first few weeks other wise you going to feel pretty bad depending on how many carbs you are used to.

  3. cool thanks

  4. well day 3 now of 90. Feel a little tired but it is probably the lack of sleep because of work, school and thermos. Looking more and more flat each day. today is first weights day. Doing push principles and 1 hour cardio. I am doing a athlete workout now to get stronger and get ready for MMA.

  5. I just got off CKD, or rather TKD. Honestly, unless you keep your cals in order you probably wont drop the weight. Plus once you add carbs again, it comes right back. I think the 40/40/20 diet is much more stable and easy to maintain.

  6. What types of food are you eating...

    Post up a daily sample diet.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by JonesersRX7
    What types of food are you eating...

    Post up a daily sample diet.
    meal 1: 4 eggs, 6 oz steak
    meal 2: 1/2 cup lf cottage cheese, 6 oz. steak
    meal 3: 4 eggs, 6 oz. steak
    meal 4: meat, salad with lf cottage cheese
    meal 5: meat, veggies(greens)

  8. Are you a member of That's the best forum for ckd info.

    To me it looks like you are over on the protein and not getting enough fat, have you ever put your info into (free signup) to get the macro nutrient breakdown? I would think that you are quite low on fiber also, you might want to add some more veggies (broccolli, asparagas...).

    I've had good luck with ckd in the past, but I have a habit of binging on carbs when I am done. Post up your weekly refeed/carbload diet.

  9. I am not the fitday type, that is a type of site, anything associtated with that site I don't go to. I am probably going to buy fiber supps today. As far as my protein, no it is fine i think considering I am 245 pounds. My fat intake will increase but not at the moment as I am doing fine thus far. I am aiming for 215 eventually before my goood cycle. I am just doing this CKD for fun and seeing what happens with strength and ****.

  10. You don't have to use it everyday, just for an reference. I typed your numbers in and assuming its about 6oz of meat for the last two meals then you are getting about 3000 calories/day and 56%/43%/1% are from fat/prot/carb. There is a calc on that will give you the levels you need to aim for at your weight and body fat level (the more bf that you have the more fat you will need to eat). Plus it gives the carb up numbers too. Keep us up on how your progress goes, the first couple of days are the worst as far as dizzyness and headaches go. It gets better after that though.

  11. yeah no dizzyness but headaches are there,but not too bad. I think the orastan e and lipo 6 are helping with that maybe. Maybe a little more on the cals with a 8 oz steak in there sometimes. I really don't know actually. I just go off appearance and measurements not by counting, that **** drives me crazy. Going well so far. I cannot wait til the orastan kicks in.

  12. Well today is going well. Only cardio today, 1hour. I am slowly dropping the fat day by day. My strength is slowly increasing day by day as well. Deadlift reps are at 325. one leg press is at 450.

  13. bp, what does your post work out nutrition look like (for example fat/protein for cardio days, carbs/protein for training days)? I was able to stay in ketosis using 20g of carbs/protein/creatine in my post workout shake on my training days. Really helped keep me from feeling like I was going flat in between the weekend carb ups.

    How long have you been on the ckd? If you just started you are still probably just dumping water weight.

  14. day 5, yeah all protein/fat.

  15. well day 6 now, feeling pretty good after a lot of fat yesterday. had ribs for my last two meals, yummy in the tummy,LOL. It is pretty fun being on this thing. I am assuming from reports and logs that first week is water or so, but I am losing weight, like bf already. I have a feeling the lipo-6 and orastan e and helping with that. I hope to drop 10 pounds of fat each month for my 3 months. I think it is realistic. That would put me at 215 after 3 months.

  16. good **** bp. I stopped my ckd about 3 months ago. I went from
    237 to 217. I did add a few lbs back on when i put carbs back in my
    daily diet (you have to add slowly when the time comes). but I'm
    stable at about 218 right now and cutting agian. My advice is, and it
    may sound elementary, but dont use your carb up days as an excuse
    to binge on junk. I did this once or twice and it set me back. reloading
    with good clean carbs is a must.

  17. well day 7 now. I measured in a tad over 37 inches on the waist. I was 38 inches on day 1. Now that week one is over, I think it should be smooth sailing from here on out. I am feeling much faster and agile. My strength has maintained, and should go up a little when the orastan e really kicks in this week.

  18. Well, day 9 of 90. Looking better. I can definitely say my energy is dropping and a little strength, but not much. Probably need more sleep. My progress should really start speeding up now that I am into week 2. First week was OK, but lost a lot of water. I am at 240 now. 25 more pounds to go.

  19. Day 10, I am taking off today as tomorrow is rep test for me on 225. I am also dropping a bit of weight and I am eating enough. I am under 37 inches after 9 days when I started 38 inches. I hope to lose 2.5 pounds a week, but i know it will be more.

  20. Looks good so far, let us know how strength and muscle retention goes on the ckd diet.

  21. Oh I will, bumping up to 4 caps of orastan e today, then 5 after day 20

  22. Well strength is up! Did 19 reps at 225. I am hoping for 20 next test which is next monday.

  23. doing pretty good, day 12 on keto. Energy is OK, I am dropping down to weight training 3 days a week and cardio on off days. My main goal is to maintain strength while cutting or hopefully increase it. My waist is OK, just under 37 inches today. I am hoping to keep dropping but I know waist takes a while.


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