Cellulose Gel (The stuff that makes RTDs thick)

  1. Cellulose Gel (The stuff that makes RTDs thick)

    Can you buy this stuff? It would be great to make RTD like shakes at home by just using cellulose gel and your favorite protein powder. Its much more filling while dieting as well.

  2. I think that it is actually the carrageenan that gives the RTD the thickness

  3. I believe that is used as well, but in all the RTD's I've been drinking lately, (MetRX 51) and Pure Protein, Cellulose Gel is the third ingredient behind protein and water. I googled it but only found industrial suppliers.

  4. maybe custom or stryder can hook us up. Gentlemen????.............

  5. Have you ever tried xanthan gum or guar gum? As long as you use a blender, those will make a protein shake much thicker as well.

  6. just use fat free/sugar free pudding mix. limits your flavor options but definatly makes your shakes seem like an awsome cheat.

  7. sugar-free jello. add 1/2 cup to a single serving in the blender - adds flavor, variety, makes it much more filling - and if you chill it good after blending, it eats like a dessert, spoon & all....

  8. cool thx guys


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