Body Recomposition = HOW to do?

  1. Body Recomposition = HOW to do?

    Allright, I'm about to begin a body recomp cycle. It will have androgens and a thyroid-hormone lookalike. It will last 4 weeks. The primary goal is to lose fat, but I would also, IF POSSIBLE, put on a few lbs of lbm.

    I am 37, training for 13 years, just about 5'11", 220 lbs, about 15%-20% bf. Ideally, I would lose 20lbs of fat, and put on 10lbs of lbm. No. Ideally, that's what I would obtain after PCT when all is said and done. Tall order? Certainly. Maybe with your advice it is doable.

    I plan on doing the same kind of training as right now : 5-day split. Except I will add about 60 to 75 minutes of aerobics and HIIT 5 times a week.

    How much calories should I consume? Right now I'm at maintenance. I know that between the androgens, the Dicana and the cardio, I am set up for leaning out just fine. I wonder if that would be OK for putting on the mass? HOW does one achieve this magical feat?

    I would like to hear from Syr, who has a couple body recom cycles under his belt, and anyone else with experience, ideas, advice, links. Basically, anything.

  2. Just a general idea.. i would go with a 40/40/20 split, and try and hit 500cals above maintanence.

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