Okay -

I have something JUST FOR YOU GUYS.

This is NOT YET available on the new web page. www.allthewhey.com - Hey don't go there, it is not there yet.

I have PURE MICELLAR CASEIN..........and I mean it. See below for the nutritional information and then, let me tell you the special that I have for YOU.

Micellar Casein -

Serving Size 1 oz 928.4 g)
serving per containter 32

per serving information
Calories - 101
cals from fat 4
total fat 0.5
sat fat 0.25
Cholesterol 9
total carb 1.3
calcium 768 mg
phosphorus 454 mg
sodium 57 mg
protein 23 g

INGREDIENTS - Pure Micellar Casein

How great is this???????? Now I also have it in Chocolate and Vanilla, but the stats I have listed above apply to the Natural.

Okay - stop applauding now. Every order of $100.00 placed through the website will receive a ONE POUND BAG FREE!!!!!!

And for my impatient friends, I have 30 units that I can sell, but NOT THROUGH THE WEBSITE. We can do it the old fashioned way. You email me your name and addy.....you remember how we used to order......We were so close, I miss those days before the new website went up.

Seriously - I can sell them to you at 23.95. We have not yet made them available to ANYONE ELSE yet.


I am exhausted from all this promoting. You know where to find me.

[email protected]