Still crazy.......ATW

  1. Still crazy.......ATW

    You know what? Last week's special was HUGE and I am just going to repeat it again, so all that did not get to take advantage of it can NOW>

    Hint of laziness?????? Perhaps, but it is a really good one.


    YOU MAY CHOOSE ONE of the following deals.

    TEN PERCENT OFF YOUR ORDER - that's right, TEN %%%%%%%%%%

    SHIPPING AT TEN DOLLARS - no matter how big the order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    A FAMOUS ATW T SHIRT and a COOKIE!!!!!!!!!

    Now it is soooooooooo easy - just go to and place your order and in the comments section, just indicate what special you want. This is really easy, guys. If you want 10% percent, write 10 Laura. If you want shipping, write ship Laura, and I think that you got the idea, right.

    Okay, guys - I am betting that the 10% off is the real winner, but you decide as I find you to be a fickle group.....anybody still reading????????

    I will be lurking all weekend.

    [email protected]

  2. I may have to order again

  3. Can you use any other shipping provider other than USPS ground for shipping to canada? surface shipping takes FOREVER!! (btw you never got back to my email..)

  4. MY APOLOGIES - the new web site has knocked me out. I will find your email and respond......I am sorry. Laura

  5. Okay - I cannot find it...can you PM me your email address so that I can trace AND try to redeem myself in your eyes........2AM and I just getting to my email - it has been a crazy few weeks, but customer service should not suffer because I am a mess and I apologize again.

    Drop me a line.


  6. did you happen to get an email from [email protected]? I cant PM you on here.

  7. I did and we are good to go...............Laura


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