Do shorter guys have the advantage.

  1. Do shorter guys have the advantage.

    I guess I would be refering to guys under 6'. I have no idea, but it seem like a guy who was 5'10" and wanting to weigh 200lbs which is a decent size, would have to eat less protein than I guy like myself, who is 6'3" and wanting to weigh 240lbs. Is it an unfair advantage, I have to eat more and spend more on food just so I can look sharp at my size where the 5'10" guy would not have as much trouble. Anyone got a physiological answer to this, or just shine some truth.

  2. I don't think height plays a role as far as the amount of cals is concerned...its LBM that makes the difference.

    But in general, yes its my opinion that short BBers AND PLers have a big advantage.

  3. Everything you say is true but it all balances out in the end bro. Besides I wouldn't want to be any shorter then I am (6'2)

  4. i'll admit that at 5'6 it is pretty easy to look huge at around 196, 10%. But then matter how big I look I would give anything to be 5'9 or 5'10 at least!

    not to mention at 6'3 you could weigh in close to 300 in BB shape but if someone 5'5 or 5'6 tries to get to 300 it just gets disgusting, lol.



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  7. Quote Originally Posted by jminis
    I wouldn't want to be any shorter then I am (6'2)
    we're the same height, and I wouldn't mind having grown up shorter: hard to find clothes my size - and I keep slamming my head into things I keep thinking I should fit under....

  8. 6'3" here.

    Love my height (Always wanted to be a bit taller actually) but when it comes to weight training and bodybuilding... it's more difficult for us.

    Longer legs... squating is more difficult.
    Longer arms... benching is more difficult

    Large range to move the weight.

  9. 5'11 here perfect bbing size in my opinon. me and ronnies the same height

  10. I just find it so hard to get my limbs bigger. Traps, shoulder, and chest are no problem. When I extend my arms down at my sides, my elbow is right below my waist line. I met Lee Priest and it was funny how short his arms were.

  11. Height makes no diffrence if you are proportioned. The problem is most people that are extremley tall are just tall and skinny. Look at the worlds strongest man contest. Most of those dudes are tall but all so have big bones to hold alot of mass. I'm sick of people with excuses like "I can't bench much because I'm tall". LOL last time I checked the world records are not held by a midget. The raw record is by scott mendelson and he is 6'1'' if I remeber right. Also ryan kennelly benches over 600 raw for reps and he is well over 6''.

  12. A person who is shorter may look better at a lower weight, and have some "advantages" by moving weights shorter distances, and perhaps have an easier time bulking, but it evens out when it comes time to cut because taller people have a higher theoretical BMR.

    and in the looks department, a shorter person will look more muscular in photographs and video, but in person, taller people will look more intimidating and have more of the "huge" effect.

    there are good and bad aspects to both. and its not like you have any amount of control of how tall you are now, so why worry. just my opinion...

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    Hey - the rest of you...I am one of those rare women that says size does NOt matter....this goes for all size orders.


  14. [QUOTE=wheystation]
    Quote Originally Posted by natedogg
    Ass Kisser. BTW, I'd like to place a large order. [/QUOTE

    Hey - the rest of you...I am one of those rare women that says size does NOt matter....this goes for all size orders.

    Cough Cough....Bull****

  15. Jiminis - C'mon, bubbie, I cannot be the first woman who has said this to you.........

  16. oh....come back.........I was kidding.


  17. I wish I was taller....I'd like to be as tall as possible. Unfortunatley, I only got to 5'10". Which is weird because all my family is tall. My dad is 6'2"...and even his sisters are all 6'0 or taller...moms side's men were all 6'0' as well...women though were kinda short, but not real short....I guess it was all those ciggarettes, weed, and numerous other drugs I did while a teenager. Let this be a lesson to all the teens

  18. How tall is the mailman

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  19. I'm 5'-9" or as I say in a pick-up line, "I'm 5ft and 9inches!"


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