yam recipe

  1. yam recipe

    okay, i did this today, its a pretty simple recipe for yam and chili, but i wish someone would've told me sooner, so here it goes:

    1 cup of Hormel Chili (vegetarian, 99% fat free)
    1 yam
    1/4 cup lowfat cheddar cheese

    Cook yam in oven or microwave.
    Heat Chili for 2-3 minutes in microwave.
    Put Chili in yam, sprinkle with lowfat cheddar cheese, and then microwave again for another 30 seconds for cheese to melt.

    Cals: 446
    Fat: 3g
    Carbs: 88g
    Protein: 22g

    what do you guys think? maybe as a PWO meal?

  2. i know.... its stupid.

  3. This actually sounds pretty good! BTW, what's the difference between YAMS and SWEET potatoes? I don't know which ones I have! DOUH!

  4. they're the same thing lol

  5. Quote Originally Posted by cable626
    they're the same thing lol
    No they aren't. sweet potatoes are lighter in color and are much drier. Yams are darker and very moist. I prefer yams myself. I just microwave them with the skin on, and then cut chunks and throw it on my chicken breasts for meals. I eat yams 3X per day. There is a produce stand by my house that sells huge yams (Yambos) for $0.58 per pound. Cheap carbs



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