Okay - Day Two of our Launch Party/Insider Deals!!!!!!

Effective 3 PM Thursday, August 4, 2005

YOU WILL PAY NO MORE THAN TEN DOLLARS FOR SHIPPING - NO MATTER HOW BIG YOUR ORDER IS!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you read this correctly. No matter how large your order or where in the US you live, you will pay no more than 10.00 in shipping costs.

This is a 'Board Only' Special and you must place your order between 6PM EST Today and 3 PM tomorrow. NO EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE.
Please use our new web site www.allthewhey.com and in comments, simply write "Laura shipping". Your credit card account will be credited the difference in shipping within 12 hours.

Thanks for your continued loyalty and support and I hope that many of you can take advantage of this special sale.

[email protected]