carb-up pre contest

  1. carb-up pre contest

    What are your favorite foods to carb up on the day of a contest or when you are taking pictures? I think pete enjoys snickers


  2. Tastycake Butterscotch Krimpets
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  3. bump for more responses...

  4. Hate to say it, but the best carb up I ever did (not for shows or pics, I dont do them) was a 12 pack of becks after 4 weeks of a keto diet. I had all 12 before bed and when I woke up, I was full as was really remarkable.

    No I do not recommend this at all

  5. Hell yes!! Sounds like a plan to me! I imagine you'd have to do it overnight like wardog did to take advantage of the dehydration from the alcohol... Otherwise you'll come in all bloated

  6. Daddy, I'm not really sure if you're looking for advice or just wanting to see what crazy things others have eaten.

    I've recently heard from a solid source, that the loading should begin about three days prior to showtime. On the first day, it's a pure carb-load. On the second day, you begin to fat-load. And, on the final day, anything goes...pies, ice cream, anything.

    I can try to get some more info if you're interested.

  7. I believe that is called ****loading Tombo, and you can learn a lot about it from Sfzilla on 'bolex

  8. I see said the Blind Man. Good to meet up with ya, 'Dog. How goes it, brutha?

  9. yeah, actually I was concerned with getting complex carbs... would it be a problem if I was to consume some throughout the day or should I strict to simples as much as possible


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