Brainwashing Diet (sad but true)

  1. Brainwashing Diet (sad but true)

    In today's WHAT THE...??? news:

    It's a weight loss regime that seems to guarantee success, but researchers may have to work on the name. Proving, it seems, that fighting the flab really is a question of mind over matter, psychologists in America "brainwashed" a number of volunteers into losing their taste for certain fattening foods by implanting unpleasant childhood memories about them.

    More... from The Guardian

  2. Funny that this is happening. i was watching the simpsons last night, and it was the episode where Marge buys Homer subliminal message tapes to listen to at night for weight loss. it turns out that they sent him a tape for improving vocab. funny episode

    anyways, it had me thinking about things like this, and (partly derived from my personal experience) i think that the great majority of people who are morbidly obese are that way not because they are lazy (though many people are) but more specifically because they have such a strong emotional/psychological tie to food. i know that as a kid, even in my earliest infancy, my mother always just fed me food to keep me happy and keep me from crying. Now, as an adult, my psychological connections to food are a real demon. it is a ****ing bitch to ignore those tendencies every time they pop up, and everytime i have to ignore them, my overall stress level goes through the roof. it is incredibly difficult to deal with, it goes far beyond just dealing with the standard hunger issues.

    anyways, that was my long-winded way of saying that if brainwashing is what people need to overcome their psychological ties to food, then maybe thats whats best and will help them succeed.

    does sound strange at first though

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