Raw Oats vs. Cooked Oats

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  1. Raw Oats vs. Cooked Oats

    Hey gang,

    like most of you, I consume lots of oats every day. Usually, since I am at work, I stick oats into a plastic bowl, add some water, and cook for a couple minutes. I then add flax, almonds, and some walnuts.

    Is there any advantage or disadvantage to eating them raw?
    I've read some articles where profressional bodybuilders will eat them raw leading up to a show.



  2. I don't think there is any advantages or disadvantages either way.

    I would guess the pro bodybuilders were eating them raw before a show to limit water consumption (just a guess).

  3. i eat em raw year round. throw em in pre and post workout shakes. included in my breakfast shake too.

  4. Doesn't cooking them increase the GI?

  5. Not adding water or eating them raw make them very hard to digest, I know from experience. Also it is the same with all grains, I used to mill up barley and brown rice an put it in my shakes, I used to feel dehydrated afterwords accompanied with gas and bloating.

  6. I have been eating the following daily for about 6 months: 1/2 cup of what my wife calls my industrial strength cereal (equal parts rolled oats, cracked wheat, rolled barley, fresh mills flax seeds, fresh milled sesame seeds, oat flour, whey) and 1/2 cup skim milk. No digestive issues for me. Damn 1/2 cup sticks with ya. I have to force feed my 10:30 protien.

  7. I run half a cup through the coffee grinder and mix it with some whey, banana, and water. Good stuff...

  8. lol, at first glance I thought you wrote "a half cup throught a coffee maker."

  9. I actually like to eat them raw instead of cooked. The human body will have no problem digesting uncooked grains or vegetables. Remember that cooking has only happened relatively recently in man's timeline. Your stomach may be upset getting used to the raw grain but it should become accustomed before too long.

    Grinding up oats makes a great low GI powder that can be added to nearly anything.

  10. I also prefer raw to cooked... 3/4 c of raw oats, cup of yogurt and some whey for PWO.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by UHCougar05
    I run half a cup through the coffee grinder and mix it with some whey, banana, and water. Good stuff...
    same method. coffee bean grinder works great.

  12. I just pour milk on it like cereal and add some strawberries/blueberries/peaches or some kind of fruit and its fine to me.

  13. I put 2 cups of oats in a blender with some whole milk and a banana. Blend 'n consume.

  14. Lots of good responses. I just started eating them raw and it feels like I am eating cotton. I imagine that the Quaker minute oats are nothing more than regular oats ground up?

    Thanks for all the input.


  15. Actually The difference between steel cut, old fashioned and quick oats is pre cooking and rolling. Steel cut are just whole Groats that have been chopped by steel blades treated and packaged. Old fashioned are cut oats that are steamed and then rolled between two heavy cylinders. Quick oats are further cooked and rolled even thinner ( I wouldn't suggest these)

  16. Raw, with cold milk, couple spoonfulls of flaxseeds, handfull of blueberrys and maybe a scoop of vanialla whey. Much prefer em raw, less gloopy.

  17. 1 c oats mixed w/ three egg whites, water and cinnamon to taste... cooked of course.

  18. My saturday breakfast of champions:

    Whole Wheat pancake mix
    1/2 Cup Rolled Oats
    2 Eggwhites

    Make 2 medium sized pancakes, and cover them w/thinly sliced bannanas and some sugar free pancake syrup. MMM MMM GOOD!.........

  19. Yea i always consume raw oats. I add it to my post workout protien shake. 1 cup of raw oats in the blender is a great backbone for a homemade "weightgainer" shake.

  20. blend it up with tuna and orange/apple juice...great meal.

  21. raw oats
    good tasting whey protein (i LOVE to use cytosport choco or dymatize banana/toffee) with skim milk
    some cottage cheese

    perfect i prefer raw oat - lower Gi and tastes better. Oats are bbs bread'n'butter

  22. Quote Originally Posted by outlawtas
    blend it up with tuna and orange/apple juice...great meal.
    And I thought I lived outside of the box when it came to food ideas.

  23. I can't eat raw oats.

    Too much gas for me (and everyone around me) to deal with!!!

  24. i've only been eating quick oats raw, fuk. Back to the store.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by UHCougar05
    I run half a cup through the coffee grinder and mix it with some whey, banana, and water. Good stuff...
    right there with you, always put my oats in the food processor thing my grandmother bought me untill they are like a powder and just dump it in my shakes.


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