What is on your grocery list?

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  1. Good call! I like the fac there is no fat and 20 chips is a great serving size for that low of calories. I found some peach flavored salsa the other day and it was GREAT!
    Exactly! Most regular 'fried' chips have nearly 10 TIMES the fat that the baked corn chips do. Plus, the baked chips seem to stay fresh much longer.

    And salsa is nearly guilt-free, as long as you watch your Na intake.


  2. I 've been buying alot of beans recently. They are cheap and pretty healthy with plenty of fiber.

  3. A couple good salsa ideas: cottage cheese & refried beans (both fat free).

    You can mixc ottage cheese about 50/50 w/ salsa, &/or add refried beans & fat free sour cream. Pretty good stuff. Probably lowers the GI of the chips quite a bit too. One of my favorite snacks.

  4. The turkey chili wouldn't be a wise choice if i were trying to keep the bloat under control would it?

  5. Not if it has too much sodium...


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