Feel like crap when keeping a strict diet...

  1. Feel like crap when keeping a strict diet...

    Basically I feel sick in my stomach all day. Not like a stomach virus or anything. I just feel like Im not full of food, but full of liquid and gas. Not very energetic throughout the day either.

    Im 5'10, 172lbs. Im bascially just trying to maintain and keep my diet in check for the rest of the summer. I will be bulking all winter long.

    Meal #1 (Protien Pancake)
    3/4 Oats
    4 Egg Whites, 1 Whole Egg
    2 Cups Skim Milk

    Meal #2
    Chicken Breast
    3 Tbsp Natty PB

    Meal #3 (Pre-Workout)
    2 Pieces Whole Wheat Toast
    1 Chicken Breast
    Green Vegetable

    Meal #4 (Post-Workout)
    2 Scoops Whey
    2 Scoops Gatorade Powder

    Meal #5
    1-2 Serving(s) Whole Wheat Pasta
    1 Chicken Breast
    Green Vegetable

    Meal #6
    1 Can Chunk Light Tuna
    2 Tbsp Natty PB

    Meal #7
    6 oz 93% Lean Red Meat or 6 oz Turkey Ground.
    1/2 Cup Brown Rice
    Salad w/ no fat Italian.

    Meal# 8
    3 Scoops Whey
    1 Tbsp Flax

  2. maybe its the whey you are using.

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