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    I was waiting for a haircut the other day and picked up a copy of either MD or MM that had a short article on flax oil. It basically said to take 2 tablespoons of flax at night before bed with your casein shake to enhance fat burning throughout the night. So, I know I have been dosing two teaspoons of flax, but not before bed. The flax I have is 4.65 grams per teaspoon for about 40 calories a shot. It seems way high to be sucking down two tablespoons before bed to me, but I was looking for any feedback. I guess what I am asking is a two part question:
    Does anyone take flax before bed?
    How much flax should be taken?

  2. I'm no expert but I also have liquid flax that is 4.65 grams a teaspoon and I take one teaspoon in the morning with all my vitamins and another teaspoon before bed with a whey/casein shake...i tend to maintain 11-12% but I cannot tell you if that has anything to do with the flax.

    bump for more info


  3. Thanks for the info. I have always taken the flax with my morning vitamins and at lunch. I will throw a teaspoon in my casein shake I am making right now...

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