Possible for me to Bulk??

  1. Possible for me to Bulk??

    I don't know what forum this would be good in, so i placed it here. I was wondering would it be possible for me to gain decent muscle with the job i have. Plus is there any supplements that would help keep me from losing muscle through my work. Ive been at this job for about 2 1/2 months. I am an order filler at a wal-mart distribution center. If anyone knows what im talking about, you know i burn a good bit of calories for 6-10 hours a day. Its hard manual labor. Ive lost about 15 lbs since i started working there. Would cortisol be playing a big part of muscle loss with a job like mine? Should i take a supp. that reduces cortisol? Any help would be appreciated.

  2. you don't need a cortisol suppressing supp you're just gonna have to eat to make up for all the calories you burned doing your job

  3. I'm right there with you on the manual labor. I work as a loader at UPS, and while I only work ~4 hours a night, it's hard as hell and burns a great deal of calories. I've experienced no muscle loss, and I've actually found creatine to be very helpful in both this regard and to increasing work capacity (but that's what it's for so no surprise there). I eat a good bit more than I did before this job, but I keep my protein and carbs very high and still manage to lose fat.

  4. Like these guys said, you just gotta add more calories. Take a lot of food to work. Look around the boards and google a few recipe sites, find some good quick meals that you like.

    You'll have to eat more, but the good thing is you should have a bigger appetite. You'll also have an easy time staying lean if you eat fairly clean.

  5. thanks for the replies. Was wondering if Cissus would be ok to take for the soreness that my job gives me. My bones hurt in the morning. Also I use my arms,shoulders, and back the whole time at my job, i know i am overworking them. Do you think this would make them not able to grow?

  6. Definitely give the cissus a try, some have been falling in love with that stuff

  7. Cissus is the Bomb! If I could only take one supplement (other than a multi, of course) Cissus would be it.

    As for the job stress - I hear you there. I worked as a restaurant manager for two years and had a hell of time of gaining mass. Busy as hell, running my ass of 10-12 hours a day. And all that free food with no time to eat it!!!

    I didnt start gaining weight until I made it a priority to get calories in, no matter what. I used to sneak in the bathroom to mow down protien bars


  8. Thanks, def gonna give the cissus a try now.


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