PWO plan

  1. PWO plan

    I just finished a cutting cycle and I was thinking of doing this PWO...
    75g vitargo
    50g whey protein
    5g micronized creatine
    20g dextrose (from corn sugar)

    I was going to either A) take them all togeather post workout or B) take the vitargo and creatine post workout and take the whey and dextrose 20-30 minutes after that.

    Thanks for all input.

    PS- This is the last time I cut durring barbique season

  2. dextrose IMO is a poor choice PWO .. there are numerous studies that support this as well

    complex carbs do the same thing without the negative drawback of potentially making you fat .. i go with 50g of oats with 50g of whey and 2 cups of milk in the blender

    i'm not familiar with vitargo .. isn't it some sort of potato carb or something? ..anyway i really believe what i use is the best choice (not to toot my own horn, its just from research and studies)

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