Is this Allowed???

  1. Question Is this Allowed???

    On the CKD Diet, aer Rice cakes, Just the plain ones ok to use, they have something like 10 gr of Carbs, but no suagr carbs. I buy the store brand kind, ie, Shoprite or pathrmark brand, not Quaker oat ones, they r too expensive.

    And do you just account for the Sugar gr or the total of grms including the sugar grms?

    Also, is Peanut butter, ok to use? whether it is the natural or store bought brand, or even almond/cashew butter(natrual).
    Can these 2 be incorporated in this this diet, or dont use them at all.

    I need a crutch in the eveing after I eat my meal, his is what I tend to look forward to, I alos have 2 rice cakes during the day w/ a shmear of PB on it. taking that into account!

    I tried to log into, but am having probelms w/ my password & got in touch w/ member services about it, so I came here.
    All repleis Welcome, My friends, Blindfiath too!!
    Fondly Emmy aka Gymcandy(397).

  2. rice cakes are probably not a good idea. pb would be fine as long as it's limited to one serving or so (7g carbs approx I think), and you know that it doesn't affect your keto.... there's a list of foods in this thread though, taken directly from might take a look at it if you haven't seen it yet... good luck!

  3. Remember on CKD you're trying to stay under 20g carb/day. Those rice cakes have about 7g/cake, and they're high GI as well. The pb is ok in moderation, there are some carbs in it.

  4. bump on the replies above... On keto, you count ALL carbs be it complex or simple sugar... The only acception really is fiber which has pretty much no insulin response. Your carbs from your postworkout shake do not count or replace the carbs you would be getting throughout the day (ie 20-40g).


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