How do you Utilize the 3 hour window?

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  1. OK, my nutrition plan is rather simple at the moment:

    2h before: full meal (usually its lunch)
    30mins before: 25g whey hidrolyzed + 25g oats in a 50-50 mix of water and skimmed milk
    During workout: Either simple oligomineral water or EAA drink
    30mins after: 30g whey hidrolyzed + 30g vitargo (i'm in a low carb diet atm, otherwise all carb intakes would be double) in water:
    2h later: full meal P+C

    I should fit a second protein shake after the first one but I usually end up to workout too late and I have to keep in time for dinner.

  2. Not me GQ , i have never heard that before..who taught you ?

    Quote Originally Posted by GQsuperman#2
    do people not subscribe to separation of carb/fats here? i usually have protien/fat meals during the day and protein/carb at breakfast, PWO and PPWO. i was taught to never combine carbs and fats....expect on my cheat day.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea
    Not me GQ , i have never heard that before..who taught you ?
    Its a principle of the Zone Diet. I think its not needed to follow strictly those guidelines, the key point is to make a certain meal MOSTLY P+ either carbs or fat, but still add a little quantity of the third macronutrient.


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