How do these pre/post workout meals look?

  1. How do these pre/post workout meals look?

    30-45 minutes pre: whey/dextrose (I use ovaltine since I'm diabetic and it doesn't spike my insulin anyways.), creatine, glutamine, and thermogenics
    immediately post: same thing minus the thermos
    20-30 minutes post: high-gi carbs and low-fat protein
    60-90 minutes post: mrp
    3 hours post: another high-gi carb and low-fat protein meal

    This was supposedly written by some guy who heads the research department of AST. He wasn't pushing any of his products so I kinda figured he knew what he was talking about...I just have trouble actually taking all this in in what I deem to be such a small window of time. Of course if you all agree that it looks good, I'll just have to get used to it.

  2. I would not touch high GI carbs prior to workout. Makes no sense, they are burned quickly. You want low GI(oatmeal)prior to training. Post workout shake is fine. You should have one whole food meal after the post w/o shake. I usually have oats, milk, cottage cheese(bulking). No need for the MRP 60-90 min later.

  3. bump Scotty's advice. stick with post w/o whey and a good whole food meal later

  4. I think this may be the article you are referring to. It was written by Paul Cribb.****77

  5. Thanks scotty2. And yes, that was the article.

  6. ive read a lot online that creatine should be taken after since it would mean that you would have to get even more water during your workout..


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