Diet Critique please..

  1. Diet Critique please..

    Hi, im embarking on a 8 week cut to hopefully lose 15lbs by early september
    I ordered some heat to help with the food cravings, and i work out on a HST
    routine 3x a week, and do moderate fat burning cardio for 30 mins 3 times per week
    I have stopped training MMA to focus on my strength training and fat loss.

    I have a fight in october and want to be fighting at 185, so i would like to cut as much fat
    as i can until i have to start training for the fight.

    Here is what i propose for my diet. (and what i have basically been eating the last couple weeks)

    Morning: 2 eggs, 3 peices sprouted wheat bread, 1 tblsp peanut butter - 500 cals

    mid morning/lunch: 1 can tuna, 2 peices bread, half cup cottage cheese

    mid afternoon: 1 can tuna, 2 peices bread, 1 cup cottage cheese

    (on workout days
    Pre workout - protein shake and 2/3 cup oats, same for post workout, about 500 cals for both)

    Dinner: 1 cup whole wheast pasta and tomato sauce, 1 5 oz chicken breast

    If i am craving something later on i have little cups of diet yogurt with no sugar or fat that i eat

    Also intaking 1 tblsp of flax ED, 6g of fish oil.

    Roughly 2200 cals on non workout days, and 2600 on workout days. I weigh about 210 right now, am i
    getting enough calories? I dont really have any hunger cravings yet.. Any advice would be appreciated


  2. Am I missing something or you eat less than 100g of protein a day?

  3. That's a lot of bread

  4. not enough meals way too much bread and no where near enough protein

    furthermore i didn't figure it out but it certainly doesn't look like that's over 2000 cals .. but maybe it is ..

  5. I was going by for the totals.. heres what it gave me..

    2 eggs/1tblsp PB/3 bread.. 503kcal 26g fat/41g carb/25g pro

    tuna sand+cheese.. 501kcal 9g fat/36g carb/67g protein

    tuna sand+cheese.. 501kcal 9g fat/36g carb/67g protein

    chicken +pasta/sauce/veg.. 550kcal 11g fat/65g carb/52g protein

    = 2173 cals (non workout days)
    An exact 40/30/30 PFC ratio for a total of

    210g protein/175g carb (20 fibre)/70g fat (mostly from poly and monounsaturated fats)

    Also i will be varrying the pasta and sauce with brown rice on occasion to keep the monotany down.

    Suggestion to replace bread with another carb source.. any reccomendations?

    thanks for responding

  6. Hey man, glad to see you've got another fight set up! I can understand cutting back on MMA training to focus on your body recomp, it's hard to get in all your lifting when you're sore as hell from rolling. As much fun as MMA is, I imagine it also wreaks havoc on cortisol levels. Anyway, I think your macros look pretty good, maybe a litte on the low side (don't want to lose muscle!). Is the bread you eat with the other meals the sprouted wheat also? If not, maybe look into replacing it with sweet potatoes (do you have them up there? may be a southern thing, lol), or barley. Not nearly as convenient as bread, but definitely lower GI. Also, don't get too much mercury from all that tuna, make sure you don't get albacore. Oh - and throw some vegetables in there, too.

  7. Eat more dairy too. Mix cottage cheese with oats and protein powder and a little bit of milk, just an idea for the meal to replace bread and tuna.

    Also 2200 kcal seems like too low. I'm 178 as of today, I'm cutting and I eat 3000-33000 kcals and I'm not even ecto. LOL (I have pretty active job though)

  8. If your content on that much bread I'd sub in whole grain breads and bagels for your carbs. And as the others have said not enough protein. Try eating more eggs in the morning to bring that number up. I'd also shoot for 7-8 meals a day for cutting.

  9. Thanks for the advice guys..

    So what im hearing, is up the cals a bit, add more dairy, vegetables and alternative carb sources.

    So how about this..

    Same kinda layout

    1: 3 eggs, 1 multigrain bagel,
    2: 1 can tuna, 2 peices sprouted wheat bread, 1.5 tblsp light mayo
    3: 1 can salmon, 2 pieces sprouted wheat bread, 1.5 tblsp light mayo
    4: 2 cups cottage cheese 1%
    5: 5oz chicken breast, 1 cup flax pasta/tomato sauce/veggies
    6: 5oz chicken breast, 1 cup flax pasta/tomato sauce/veggies

    Just more repetition i guess, change up of the added bagles in the morning, and more food in total. Comes out to roughly 2900 cals. so that would make it 3400 or so on workout days due to shakes

    Probably every week i will change up the carb source to go with the chicken, i like to make food a week at a time, so this week i made a bunch of pasta sauce with veggies.

    Next week i think i will go with brown rice and steamed veg, after that maybe sweet potatoes and broccoli

    How does that look guys?, here are the totals

    Protein 280gm
    Carb 230gm (30g fibre)
    Fat 90gm

    Also will be adding 2 bannanas with my pre/post workout shakes

  10. Looks much better. What's flax pasta?

  11. Pasta made with some ground flax seed i guess, it has good ratios of efa's as well as lots of fibre and a lower GI than regular pasta


    the healthy harvest omega 3 pasta

  12. I think I'd add a little more protein to your first meal since your body hasn't had any in hours. Maybe through in some whey with that meal. BTW the canned salmon is healthy but pretty nasty IMO, but I guess it depends on the brand. Good luck bro.


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