Newbie Here--- How's my diet for my upcoming cycle?

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    Newbie Here--- How's my diet for my upcoming cycle?

    Hey all, this is my first post, and I must say, nice board! This place is much better than too many immature punks over there.. Anyways, I would greatly appreciate it if you could evaluate my Diet for my upcoming Ergomax cycle.

    9.7% body fat

    3263 calories (workout days) 2863 calories (cardio days) 2463 calories (off days)
    320g protein
    350g carbs (workout days) 250g carbs (cardio days) 150g carbs (off days)
    65g fat every day
    Workout Days:
    - Protein: 39%
    - Carbs: 43%
    - Fat: 18%

    Cardio Days:
    - Protein: 44%
    - Carbs: 36%
    - Fat: 20%

    Off Days:
    - Protein: 52%
    - Carbs: 24%
    - Fat: 24%

    Carbs will be placed around workouts (pre, post and ppw)

    --Carb Sources:
    Brown Rice
    1-2 pieces of fruit (berries/apples)

    --Protein Sources:
    Cottage Cheese
    Egg Whites
    Whole Eggs
    Lean Ground Beef

    --Fat Sources:
    Enova Oil
    Fish Oil
    Olive Oil
    Egg Yolks
    Almond Butter
    Peanut Butter

    Any thoughts/opinions? I plan on running this cycle for 4-6 weeks @ 20mg/day. I hope to gain 10-12LEAN pounds.

  2. looks pretty hardcore to me. lift hard.

  3. Looks absolutely great to me!! Nice planning and best of luck!!

  4. Looks pretty solid. How does your Ergomax LMG cycle look? What additional supplements will you be taking during your cycle? What is your plans for PCT?

  5. 2400 calories seems a little low on the calorie side while your taking anabolics. Might want to up it a bit there. You grow even on days you don't lift, don't forget that. Take advantage of the anabolic environment and nutrient partitioning.

    Also, just so you know, another good source of carbs is whole wheat spaghetti, which has a GI value less than that of rolled oats, somewhere around 38. Just figured I would throw that in there in case you were a fan of Italian, it might brighten your day .



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