Can I lose a pound a day?

  1. Can I lose a pound a day?

    I am a 22 yr. old male I am 6'0" 225 and have an athletic build. I am holding most of my excess weight in my gut but I do notice that my chest, butt, and face are also a bit bigger than they should be. I am going boating in 15 days with my girlfriends parents and had already planned on starting a diet and workout program. I am trying to determine if I can lose a pound a day safley for the first 15 days then after that slow it down and get on a program where I can continue to slowly lose weight until I hit the 185-195 range.

    What do you all reccomend I do to accomplish my goals?


  2. The solid base of what you want to do is a clean diet , resistance training and some good medium intensity cardio. That alone will give you some nice loss the first couple of weeks and will also continue at a slower pace long term. At least 70% of the answer is in the diet though. just my two cents.

  3. only sure way I know to lose a pound a day is by chopping off body parts;
    contracting dysentery will drop your weight, but not at the rate you desire.

    IOW, your goal of losing 15 lbs in 15 days is unrealistic & unachievable -
    from a flat-footed start, you MIGHT be able to lose 5 pounds...but it won't be easy!

  4. 15 lbs in 15 days is unrealistic... however, if you're just starting out dieting, I'd say 10-12 lbs in the first two weeks isn't out of the question -- about 4 of those lbs being fat and the rest being initial water loss. That's still stretching it though.

  5. That is fine I did not know if that was even possible I guess I will just hit it hard and see where I end up.

  6. that would be the way to go... just make sure you keep a good diet with enough calories in it... cut the calories too low and you send you metabolism into low gear..

  7. start with one toe a day and then when you run out, go with fingers... might have to take part of a leg off.

    no, 1 lb per day aint gonna cut it. not to sound like an ass, but you got yourself INTO this mess, now you gotta get out. a solid diet is 80% of it, followed by some good old fashioned cardio.

  8. The only thing I can think of that might pull this off is Trimax. People report rediculous weight losses on that stuff. Please dont just rush out and buy the stuff and take it without doing mucho research as messing with your thyroid isn't something you do without knowing what your doing. I've used it though and had fabulous results.

  9. agreed. i'm on Trimax right now as well. it works and is amazing. but DAMNIT, do your research on it. DO IT BIG TIME. understand what you need to do to get your thyroid to recover, what the downfalls are, what your diet needs to be like (and you need to be THOROUGH and precise to maximize results). you need to know you can definately lose muscle on it and how to combat that muscle loss. and that's a completely different research topic. it's not like ECA or other OTC drug... it's a mean bitch that you can hurt yourself on.
  10. Wink

    1 lb. a day? Sure. Three letters, DNP.

    Disclaimer: Side effects include death.


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