Good cutting diet

  1. Good cutting diet

    Not trying to lose muscle but not gain any either. I just want to lose fat.

    Which one is a good ratio

    Cals- 1560
    Fats - 32
    Carbs - 160
    Protein - 160 or 250


    Cals - 1950
    Fats - 40
    Carbs - 200
    Protein - 200 or 300

    I'll be on a maxLMG cycle


    Height - 5'8
    Weight - 175
    BF - 14-15%

  2. how much do you weigh? 120lbs?

  3. Pretty low on cals. You should up that unless you're quite overweight and priority one and only priority is to lose bodyfat. At 175 and 14-15%, you should be in the 2000's for cals. Probably another 500-600 more than you're planning. You will be ok. It's important you make consistant progress and not a dramatic weight change. You're sure to lose msucle mass if you do so. But if you do keep your intended plan, keep protein high, carbs moderate to low, fats very low. Its simple but in my opinion, the best proportion.

  4. Cals - 1950
    Fats - 40 10 of it is saturated
    Carbs - 200
    Protein - 200

    With this diet do the trick?

    I really need to lose weight i'm on my 4th day on trimax I do cardio 3-4 times a week Is this enough to lose fat? I don't care about the muscle just fat. i'm never ran a cut in my life only bulks so i'm kind of confused.



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