Glycoshield + Defuse + White Kidney Bean

  1. Glycoshield + Defuse + White Kidney Bean

    I have been taking a white kidney bean extract before I eat a carb heavy meal and so far have been getting pretty good results.

    I am wanting to start taking defuse (2/2 protocol) and glycoshield. Would it be redundant to continue taking white kidney beans with those two supplements?

    Also, would I take glycoshield thee times a day, 2 caps a time, and defuse twice a day 2 caps a time.

    Is it ok to take defuse and glycoshield at the same time?


  2. Seems like your getting excessive. Glyco is made for higher carb meals. So should only be taken as such. If you are already using something, I would wait and use after. Code Frey10 .
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  3. Agreed with @cheftepesh1 on this. More is not always better. Using both glycoshield and defuse is overkill. I would choose one and use it for high carb meals only.

    How many grams of carbs per day are you consuming? And what are your current goals (weight gain, weight loss, etc.)?
    A GDA can help with digestion and nutrient partitioning, but using them excessively won't make any difference overall in weight gain or weight loss.
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  4. Defuse works thru different MOA so itĺs actually quite synergetic with Glyc°shield. Defuse will work to block fat storage and total calories from meals. Glyc°shield will work with the carbs . White kidney bean not necessary.

    I use Glyc°shield daily at anywhere from 2-8 capsules and usually 3 defuse when needed. For all other uses (daily consumption) Lip°shield can be stacked instead of using defuse daily
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  5. Agreed with what the others have to say. Personally i would just use glycoshield with your carb meals and see what kind of results that gives you.
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