Clean Bulk HELP!

  1. Clean Bulk HELP!

    Could anyone someone please help me come up with a clean bulk plan. This is what I have so far. Nutrition is my weakest part of bodybuilding.

    Meal #1
    8 oz. cottage cheese
    1 scoop of Protein
    1 cup of oatmeal

    Meal #2
    1/2 cup of oatmeal
    2 scoops of Protein

    One meal will conatin egg whites vegtables.

    Will someone please help me come up with some more meals. Thanx

  2. How about a nice list of foods that you could consume
    Grocery List Click Here

    Also check out for figuring out your daily calories.

  3. thanks nicholas, BUMP!

  4. I like 2 eggs, 2 slices whole wheat bread, chicken breast, and 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese.

  5. Bumb for help on other meals.

  6. I just love chicken fried rice!!! However, if I'm not mistaken all Chinese restaurants use white rice. So, I decided to cook it myself a couple of times using brown rice, chicken or turkey, one egg, and a little bit of peas and diced carrots and voila! It tastes almost like the real thing. I'm thinking about how to make the hot oil using hemp oil or flax oil and dried red peppers... ugh, I'm hungry!!! If you get turkey get the ground 99% fat free.
    Note: I'm not a nutritionist.

  7. lol, thanks silver.


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