FEEDBACK PLEASE: Losing Fat/Gaining Lean Muscle Diet/Workout

  1. Exclamation FEEDBACK PLEASE: Losing Fat/Gaining Lean Muscle Diet/Workout

    Need some Feedback/Answers:

    I am 24 years old, 205 lbs at about 14% bodyfat
    Looking to be eventually around 205 at 10% bodyfat

    Non-Workout Days 2750 Cal (45%C,35%P,20%F)
    Meals 1-4: 69 g C, 54 g P, 14 g F
    Meal 5: 13 g C, 50 g P, 10 g F

    Workout Days 3500 Cal Same Ratio
    Meals 1-5: 72 g C, 56 g P, 14 g F
    Meal 6: 13 g C, 50 g P, 10 g F

    5 day cycle
    Day 1: Arms
    Day 2: Legs
    Day 3: Off
    Day 4: Upper Body
    Day 5: Off

    Workouts are between 40-50 minutes long
    I am using a book called "Winning the Arms Race" by Poliquin I think

    What do you guys think ?
    Anything you would tweak in the diet ?
    Any suggestions for good, cheap sources of fat ?
    Should I tweak my workout day meal for pre and post workout ?

    Any feedback much appreciated.

  2. you realize that in order to lose 4% bodyfat and stay the same weight will require you to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.... that is not really to easy to achieve.

    i would concentrate on losing about 2lbs of fat per week till i reach the level of leaness you desire.

    start weighing yourself once a week at the same time (i.e. monday mornings) if you are consistently losing 2lbs then keep doing the same thing, if you've stopped losing weight then you need to make small gradual changes, like adding/increasing cardio, lowering calories or adding a thermo supp. (not all at the same time though)

    good luck.

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