Healthiest Bread?

  1. Healthiest Bread?

    I'm looking for something fairly low GI w/ very little fat, whole grain. This can include bagels too.

    What kind/brand is best?

  2. I get the sprouted multi-grain from Trader Joe's... it's very low GI and 7g of protein and 90cals per slice. Great taste to boot. If you're in the Chicago-area there are quite a few TJ's around.

  3. Natural Oven Bakery has some healthy and tasty products. The bread I use has 4g. of fiber per slice, not bad! This company was also featured in "Super Size Me."

  4. Ezkiel Bread

  5. Trader joe's sprouted grain flourless breads are by far the best I've seen.

  6. god that sprouted bread tastes bad

  7. The trader joes brand tastes fine to me. Let me guess, you're a wonderbread kind of guy.

  8. haha

    naah i tried all the traderjoe'sbread

    do you live in Cali?they have this great La Brea Bakery wheat bread...


  9. I'll give the la brea a shot some time when I've got company that doesn't like the taste of most healthy food...

    You seriously don't like the taste of the TJ's sprouted grain breads? I make french toast with it every day and LOVE it.


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