'Body Solutions' to drop claim

  1. 'Body Solutions' to drop claim

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Federal Trade Commission reached an agreement with the marketers of a widely advertised weight-loss product Thursday to end what regulators called deceptive advertising on hundreds of radio stations nationwide.

    If approved by a court, the agreement between the FTC and Mark Nutritionals Inc., of San Antonio, Texas, would require the company to drop the term "weight loss" from its Body Solutions Evening Weight Loss Formula.

    Howard Beales, the FTC's consumer protection director, said the company claimed buyers could lose substantial amounts of weight permanently without diet or exercise, even while eating high-calorie foods.

    "This was bilingual deception, with defendants peddling their product using both English- and Spanish-language testimonials from popular radio disk jockeys," Beales said.

    The ads aired on about 650 radio stations in 110 cities, he said.

    "These DJs gave testimonials making patently false claims such as, 'Thanks to Body Solutions' lose-weight-while-you-sleep formula, I can have my bacon, sausage and grits and still lose weight,'" Beales said.

    The FTC filed a complaint and submitted a stipulated preliminary injunction against Mark Nutritionals Thursday to a federal judge in San Antonio.

    The company filed for bankruptcy protection in September but continues to operate. Company officials couched the agreement as part of its reorganization effort, saying it was "part of our commitment to lead the industry by example."

    "Several state attorneys general have made similar claims, and we are confident that, working cooperatively with them, we can also address their concerns," Mark Nutritionals CEO Larry Cochran said in a prepared statement.

    If approved, the agreement would forbid the company from making deceptive claims and preclude the use of the term "weight loss" in the product's name, the FTC said.

  2. he's baaaaack

    BTW: I knew that the body solutions stuff was complete bull ****...I saw the label o it and there is not nearly enough of the active compound (CLA) to stimulate fat burning, etc...
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  3. funny thing, I'm still hearing this bull**** on the radio, and it kills me... especially when I hear it while I'm AT the mu****in gym

    I also like hearing similar ads for the "carb blockers" that say things like "still allows you to have all the regular carb filled foods you love, bagels, pizza, and the most important carb... beer!"... I love it

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