high fat diets?

  1. high fat diets?

    Here is part of King Kamoli's diet plan

    His third meal of the day is this...

    Big Mac Combo
    quarter pounder w/ cheese
    Large french fry
    2 apple pies

    Is he serious?

  2. Ronnie Colemen has about 100g of carbohydrates from grits, for breakfast, and this is anywhere from 4-6 weeks out. Thats just breakfast!

    These guys are absolutely humoungous and hold 100lbs-150lbs more LBM than even the average junior NPC competitive bodybuilder.

    You've got people who are 250-290 @ 3% bodyfat, you think they really eat low carb on a cut?

    That is probably not what King Kamala eats when he's just weeks out from a competition, but I wouldn't put it past him to eat that meal at say 10 weeks out.

  3. Aside from the additional lbm and metabolic caloric factors...lets not forget the veritable phamacopia involved. AAS, GH, IGF, thermos, etc....... Guys like this simply do not corellate with joe average. That being said I still don't think its the best idea, but it's probably an occasional off season thing and getting the amount of calories they need from strictly clean food would be hard

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