diet on cycle

  1. diet on cycle

    started just the T-1 last night. i always eat clean with sources like chicken,brown rice, oatmeal, eggs, milk, cottagecheese, wheat toast, mrp,etc. and consume about 2500 currently., wondering if an ideal diet for the leanest mass gain should be the same type of food but in more quanitiies while on a cycle or i can give my diet a more leaway (how the hell you speel that???), and eat anything in site to reach 3500-4000 cals (maybe not to that extreme but...) currently im 5'9 at 163 (would like to crack 170 with lean gains.

  2. From personal experience, I find I can be more lenient and get lean gains. My average daily intake is 2600ish, but on cycle I like 3200-3500(more on some, but never less than 3200) Eat clean, get nothing but clean gains. Eat fairly clean with a little flex, get pretty lean gains still. But the eat anything in sight, just doesn't work for me. I gained a decent bit-o-fat from that method, even though I never broke 4000 cals doing it.

    Personally, I just like planning out my 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, make a list of meals and combinations I can eat on any given day, and pick through 'em. Last time, I posted a table on my wall and threw darts at it to decide on that day's meals.

    Each person will react differently, but that's how it is for me.

  3. everyday (except around 1 meal a week) i have the same group of food i eat too man. im immune to these foods now and really dont care for anything else anymore or atleast its not a necessity for me. (im sure some of you are like that)

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