Keep Away From Obesity

  1. Keep Away From Obesity

    Mild fatty liver - represents 30% of the liver cells don't work,
    Moderate fatty liver - represents 70% of liver cells that are no longer working
    Severe fatty liver - represents 90% of the liver cells are no longer working
    Some people do not have any feeling even to the liver cirrhosis, so never think this is no problem as many people have fatty liver,,when the real symptoms appear, they are likely to become liver cancer!
    For your health, please do not let the liver "overweight".
    Weight loss is saving your life, please take your body seriously .. keep away from obesity.

  2. True. Obesity is associated with a host of bad health conditions.

  3. Sounds nasty.

  4. I kept eating fast foods and what not, compared to my current diet I feel about one thousand times better, more energy, better mood. She's on point right there!
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