Do I consume a lot of cholesterol?

  1. Do I consume a lot of cholesterol?

    Hey. Between my protein shakes with skim milk alone, I consume about 120-130 milligrams of cholesterol per day. Is that a lot?
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  2. If you really mean grams, then you're getting about 36,400% of the daily value of cholesterol (250mg is 70%). I'd say that's a lot. Might wanna shave a hair or two percent off that.

  3. That is alot.

  4. Oh, man.. I meant milligrams! I fixed it.

  5. Much better. Definately not a lot of cholesterol. A little more wouldn't hurt at all, possibly help.

  6. I hope your not....I get a lot more than that as I eat alot of shrimp for protein.

  7. I would not be concerned if you have normal cholesterol levels because it is saturated fat and trans fat that have a greater impact on your blood cholesterol and not dietary cholesterol. Majority of blood cholesterol is made in your liver

  8. Thank you!

  9. good cuz i love shellfish


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