All water weight?

  1. All water weight?

    WTF? I have been cutting seriously for about 2 weeks now, and it honestly looks like I dropped 5% bf. WTF? Could I have been storing a ****load of water? I am also doing a hour of cardio a day now in addition to weights. My weight is also in the 243-245 range. Bobo you have any reasons this might happen. I mean it is like night and day. Ex, I am gaining on ya, I hope I can get to 10% faster than you, but not too fast. Also, can this be genes related, Cuz my dad would get cut extremely fast when he played soccer?

  2. you would be shocked to find just how much water your body does keep... its crazy... almost as shocking as how much impacted poop you have shoved inside you that will never see the light of day... it is really gross and very disturbing.. and even better.. you can go get all that stuff flushed out of you.. and some places, if you ask, will let you look at it and you can maybe see just how many wonderful things you have swimming around in you.. worms. etc.... THAT.. is some freaky stuff... it makes you stop and think.... what am i REALLY eating......

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