Fat in lean ground beef

  1. Fat in lean ground beef

    Trying to do some rough calculations here.

    Wanted to switch up my food intake and take in some ground beef.

    When I cook ground beef unless I am BBQing it for burgers I always boil it in some water first to remove most of the fat content and then I drain, rinse and finish cooking it to crisp it up a little bit.

    Just wondering how much fat one might think I am losing. It says 8oz ground beef pan fried has like 44 grams of fat in it. Given how I cook it... I can see mine having that much fat.

    Any clue how much fat I might be washing away?


  2. No idea, but ground beef can range in fat from 70% to 95% lean. Gorund sirloin is the leanest cut you'll find.

  3. I get 96% lean, I'd get 97% but it's like 50% more expensive. I pan fry my beef and drain the fat, then "towel it off" so to speak. I think it's fine, probably getting 2-4g fat per 30g protein, no big deal.

  4. thanks guys.

    I wash and rinse pretty well. I don't imagine it's TOO much fat.

    Although, I am dieting. lol

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