Need Expert Help

  1. Need Expert Help

    I am doing a paper for a nutrition course in doing my paper on a person who already has Colon Cancer and how nutrition can help with the affects of it.

    Ive been doing some searching and the only thing that i can find are sites that tell you how to prevent colon cancer through nutrition.

    Can anyone help me out finding this info that i is the outline of what i need to do for the paper:

    1) Make a fictitious person who has a disease (mine being colon cancer)

    2) need two sources...doesnt have to be a medical journal..but must be reputable

    3) explain how nutrition can help or prolong the disease

    4) make a 3 day meal plan for this person that has colon cancer

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  2. Hey BF.. just a question but couldn't you use the same logic that was used on prevention of colon cancer to design a diet that would help with the treatment? Just a thought.

  3. And here is a book you might be able to find at the library
    A Dietitian's Cancer Story: Information and Inspiration for Recovery and Healing from a 3-Time Cancer Survivor.

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