Carbs and cutting, the last thread confused me!

  1. Carbs and cutting, the last thread confused me!

    I just read the carbs and fats mixing thread and it got me a little confused on my cutting diet. On lifting days I eat carbs (no fats) before my workout, have a shake right after with lots of carbs, and have a meal with carbs after that, then the rest is all P+F. On non lifting days my only carbs are in my first meal. Is this still the most beneficial way of doing things? Or, since all I eat is low GI carbs (except in my PWO shake) should I have more on non lifting days, because they seem to affect the body in the same way as fats (from what I made out from the other thread)? I hope this makes sense.

    Just when I think I got it down ...

  2. i believe the way that many people do it is that they have p+c for the first 4 meals then they have p+f for the last two. On your non training days you could still eat carbs (unless you are aiming for some sort of cyclical keto diet) for four meals. Yes, you should center carbs around your workout. Also, on non-training days lower your overall calories but keep the macro ration the same. Hope that helps.

  3. That **** doesn't matter. Just have about 1g slow digesting carb/minute of your upcoming workout along with 1-2 scoops of whey protein depending on your size and the duration of your workout, then about 30g of carbs immediately post w/o along with another scoop of whey. Then eat a real meal about an hour later...

    Other than that, doesn't matter too much if you have carbs and fat at the same time, just keep the fat mono or poly unsaturated and moderate in quantity, and the carbs whole and from an unprocessed unrefined source (and throw some protein in there!) and you're fine. Don't overcomplicate things...

  4. I've gone both ways, no longer mix the 2 ever unless it's a cheat. I had the best luck with the version #1 that you mentioned.

  5. people can sometimes be too detailed. people wanted to separate f and c due to the fact that they thought having the c in the bloodstream was too much that any f consumed is then totally converted to adipose.

    just remember that if you consume less than what you use up, you can never gain an ounce of fat.

    even if you eat all protein, if you try eating 6000 cals worth of it they will all turn to adipose.

  6. You don't need carbs to stimulate insulin release.


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