calculating calories and protein intake????

  1. calculating calories and protein intake????

    when calculating these two, do you go with LBM or total weight??? i've heard both

  2. Depends on how you're calculating it... There are 3 different methods, so you probably heard right both times, but just didn't hear enough...

  3. I use LBM. Just my opinion

  4. The Katch-McArdie formula is supposed to be the most accurate. It takes into account weight, activity level, and bf%. The Harris-Benedict formula seems to give me almost the same result, which takes age, weight, height, and activity level.

    Here is a link to a good article about calculating your caloric intake..****62

  5. I think the Katch-McArdie formula is great Be realistic about your activity level, and start with ~500 calories below that for your diet. Also, make sure you're getting tons of protein and you're eating extremely clean foods....

    Do that and the weight will come right off and you'll FEEL great.



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