Commitment to Diet Improvement

  1. Exclamation Commitment to Diet Improvement

    This is my spontaneous, new commitment (starting tomorrow Sat 5/14/05) to step my diet and nutrition plan up a notch; recommitment to tracking (reasonably) my caloric intake (including P,C, and F daily). I'm on a good cycle right now, so I can get away with a little. Problem is I have gotten sloppy. I want to maximize my results, and get everything I can out of it, so I intend to use this statement as a verbal commitment to myself. If it motivates anyone else, great! -milwood

  2. Stay positive and you will succeed. Commitment is the start of progress.

    "If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time"

  3. Good deal man and good luck!

  4. Best wishes to you. I feel like I'm going to pop or regurgitate my food eating so damn much. Hang in there.

  5. Good luck Milwood. You have us here to remind you of your written commitment to improvement. When you need the help, just let us know

  6. Nice. I feel better already. Thanks Bobo, too. I'm not flailing or anything, it's just an idea I had to motivate me. I sometimes just have a real discipline prob with food-- terrible carb cravings at night, specifically. I mean the beauty is (right now) that I can gety away with some extra food. I agree with Bobo 100%, though (hence this thread)--that why in the hell do all this work, spend all sorts of time, energy, effort, $, then undermine it with lack of attention to the most important part-good disciplined diet and nutrition!?!? I'm sure people can relate, and thanks for the support...

  7. milwood, i'm sure that u will be able to positively think through any program that u subscribe to. just don't get cought up in pop culture and u will most definately see results!!!!

  8. Just take this **** one step at a day bro. There's only so much you can do, don't go crazy...

    If you do everything right consistently you will be amazed at what your body can do (unless you have "jew genes" as a rather frustrated friend of mine likes to state )

  9. Keep up! Keep urself mentally strong! All the best

  10. I totally agree with exnihilo...Rome wasn't build in 1 day and imho...spontaneous goals are usually futil..especially in bodybuilding!

    Take some time and set realistic goals vs. spontaneous. Make a contract with yourself and sign it and put it on your fridge to remind yourself of your commitment and goals everytime you want to open it and overindulge. Chart your progess if you, measurements, etc. Reward yourself with a treat when you make a nice improvement..let's say once a week...unless you're training for competition a 1 day/week cheat day is ok and healthy mentally and it keeps you much more motivated to stay committed.

    Wish you best of success!!!


  11. Really great support from you guys on this. Thanks a lot!

  12. Yeah, you have to have some "off-limits" foods every now and then. It's kind of like breathing (I know, just stay with me here): if you just hold your breath and say "I'm not breathing anymore, period!" then when you reach your breaking point, which you always will, you'll gorge on air, taking in massive breaths. So too with dieting: remove a favorite food forever, and when you break, you will really break. When it rains, it pours as they say.


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