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  1. Pasta GI

    I've looked at several GI Index websites and I still can't find a clear cut answer to whether or not Whole Wheat Durum Flour is truely a low GIcarb source. I've utilized this pasta a few ocassions as a PPWO meal. However I would like to do it more often if in fact it is truely a Low GI food. Anyone have any info on this type of pasta. By the way the brand is Annie's Organic Whole Wheat Pasta. They make great Mac and Cheese too, suitbale for cheat days only of course

  2. no way dude, I eat annie's on non cheat days, definitely not cheating imo if one is lean or straight bulking. One serving of that with a lean protien makes a great 40/40/20 meal.

    Bump on the question though, I dont wanna give up my whole wheat pasta!!!!!

  3. I don't think you will find an answer with that degree of product specificity.

    Pasta is a refined carb though, so it is not going to be low gi even if the flour is whole wheat. Due to fiber and protein inclusion the WW will of course induce a more moderate glycemic response curve than generic pasta.

    Just be sure to throw in fats, fiber and protein as well as a pile of veggies and you should be fine. The glycemic load of the entire meal is likely more important than the GI (which is essentially an abstraction unless you are eating only the pasta on an empty stomach after a 12 hour fast) rating on one componenet.

    Hodgson Mills makes excellent WW pasta products as well, btw.

  4. maybe bobo could give us some imput

  5. Actually, because of the hardness of the flower product, dry pasta typically has a GI in the low 40s. Whole wheat pasta has been assayed to be in the mid-high 30s. It's a great food to eat, though it lacks the anti-oxidant properties that scientists have recently discovered in WHOLE grains (hulled barley, rye, millet, quinona, etc)

  6. From anecdotal experience, I would avoid brown rice based pastas if you are concerned about GI. My wife the diabetic was having some higher than normal blood sugars that were traced back to the brown rice pasta. Whole wheat pasta never spiked her BG like the brown rice pasta did (2x what it would normally be).


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