fat intake?

  1. fat intake?

    I'm 22, 6'4'' @ 185lbs, trying to put on some wieght. i started logging my diet into Fitday.com, the first day i just ate what i usally do to find out the values.

    Calories Eaten Todaysourcegrams cals%totalTotal: 4313 Fat:169 1523 37% Sat:55 498 12% Poly:26 231 6% Mono:61 551 13%Carbs:407 1454 35% Fiber:44 0 0%Protein:290 1162 28%Alcohol:0 0 0%

    I figure thats a ton of fat way to much. What is a good value for each to shoot for?
    I lift 5 times a week. I've been taking Cytosport's Cytogainer and animal stack. dunno maybe that would be helpfull.

  2. A 40%/40%/20% (carb/pro/fat) ratio seems to be the best general guideline as, of course, everyone is different and may need to adjust.

  3. How do you figure that is too much fat?

  4. it just seemed like it was to much, and with the 40/40/20 rule, as "TheCrownedOne" stated it is.

  5. I believe he stated that it was general guideline but that is beside the point.

    My point is that basing a decision on the fact that you 'just figure' something is not terribly methodical.

  6. No its not that's why I asked. What does it matter any way? I wanted a general guideline, that I may have to adjust or not, to my needs, but it told me I could have 20% more fat in my diet than I need. I figure having a place to start from or a "general guideline" is a good thing.

  7. From what I've read from various sources, it seems that there is no advantage to either lowering fat intake below 15% or raising it above 25%, as within that range optimal hormone levels are established.

  8. I think that fat is useful for getting the calories up in the case of people who are extreme ectos and have a hard time putting down enough food. a cup of almonds will put you up over 800 cals. I've seen people do really well on both high and low fat dies, so...


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