Loose skin after weight loss and TITAN laser

  1. Loose skin after weight loss and TITAN laser

    Here are a couple of links to something called TITAN laser with before and after pictures of loose skin on the stomach.
    Something to checkout and research if your interested
    I've had this done and it doesn't work miracles but it will tighten the loose skin in mild cases. It won't heal the deep grooves in the stretch marks and it won't do anything for the underlying fat.
    You can go to cutera.com and research if any physicians have it near you.

  2. Very cool. Would you mind sharing more about your specific procedure? Cost, duration, recovery time, etc?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by spitboy
    Very cool. Would you mind sharing more about your specific procedure? Cost, duration, recovery time, etc?
    The cost is about 1000 persession but this would vary greatly depending on where you have it done. Could be higher and could be lower. It is very new so the cost would be inline with demand
    My session lasted about 1hr and I have had 2 sessions
    The recovery is you get get up off the table and your recovered. There is some pain associated with it while they are doing but not incredibly bad.
    They use a topical deadining gel while they are doing it.
    Some places may give pain releiviers before treatment

    It is laser treatment simialr to laser treatment for hair removal or acne scars etc. Except this pulse goes deeper under the skin.
    I hesitate to try to sound like I know how it works because I don't I just the said WTF, beats having a tummy tuck for a little Wrinkled skin.

    Basically it simulates a severe burn(except your not being burned) and causes the skin to attempt to heal itself(just like a severre burn patient) at least this is how i understand it.
    My results may or may not be typical I don't know. I will say it did tightened up the skin on my lower stomach although the wrinkling from the bad stretch marks is still there. I lost about a 100 punds over the course of 14-15 months so really I lost it really slow. You have to remember it's the skin and not the underlying fat it will work on.

    Bye the way, I would suggest anybody interested do plenty of research on google and talk to people who perform the procedure. I imagine if you get a poor operator you may get a poor result.

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