I think I almost went into a coma

  1. I think I almost went into a coma

    Im not diabetic, but I had symptons consistent with ketoacidosis. I have been working out hard for the last 5 days and have consumed under 5 carbs each day. Is it possible ketoacidosis could have occured here? I was drinking lots of water but lastnight, I was completely fine then in a matter of minutes, I felt I flush similar to a niacin reaction going through my body, followed by shortness of breath, fatigue, etc. I then eat some honey and felt better. But this worried me. So can ANYONE develop ketoacidosis?

  2. Its mainly in Type I diabetic and rarely in type 2 diabetics.

    My question is, why the hell are you restricting carbs that much and still working out? If this reaction doesn't tell you that what you are doing is wrong, I don't know what will.
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